Paddle to the Sea -Vacation mixed with learning

Paddle to the Sea
Vacation mixed with learning!


The great thing about vacation is that it is an easy way to feed curiosity and give it a little excitement to learning. Once you get into the habit of looking for the opportunity in what is around, it also requires less planning Everything that we did this summer seemed to have some kind of link to a book that we enjoyed together the previous spring. You will know the classic book, Paddle to the Sea by Holling C. Holling.

We had a wonderful drive to Michigan for great grandma’s 90th birthday. It was easy to find connections to something Charles has been thinking about since reading Paddle to the Sea. I thought it worth posting to share that it is very easy to simply notice the relevant things around when you find the place of curiosity for your child. Charles was very intrigued by water systems and the Great Lakes. I will not give every detail of our summer and this topic, but highlights to share how easy it was to make vacation a fun way to discover interest. I feel that we could have found connections in our home state as well. The vacation just helped and brought some excitement to the topic.

1. We found a great stop at one of the many Erie Canal locks. We were able to watch it in progress and the man on post was very helpful giving us a tour and explanation!


2. We stopped at Niagara Falls! Charles wanted to find the whirlpool that Paddle was stuck in for a while.


3. One sunny day at the end of the summer, we decided to make our own version of Paddles journey to the sea. He was particularily interested in replicating the Niagara Falls.

4. We had some fun carving our own paddle out of ivory soap!


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