Camping and Summer Vacation – Easy art projects for anywhere!

Easy Art Projects on the Go!

This summer, our family will be traveling several times to various outdoor locations. The natural world is an easy play space for children and often, they are able to find their own entertainment. Having said that, an art project can be a good down or quite time, while still appreciating the wonders around them. Here is a simple and easy suggestion.

1. Pack a box with some basics: glue, washable paint, brushes, scissors, yarn and tape.

During our last vacation, we found many used for these materials and, as always, some ideas that I didn’t think of doing.

2. Collect items from around your camp or on some outings: rocks, sticks, leaves, shells, drift wood, etc.

3. Create: Below are a few ideas from our last vacation, but my message is the same as other post. See what you can think up.




I had the idea to only weave with natural items.  The boys wanted to do it with yarn.  I love the combination.

20130708-140800.jpg                           20130708-140816.jpg

I suggested red, white, and blue drift wood for July 4th.  They had fun with this and then moved to other colorful designs.

20130708-141314.jpg                                     20130708-141504.jpg

I gave a quick lesson on making a God’s Eye.  That gave us other ideas:  to make a God’s Eye with more sticks and to join sticks together to make shapes.  The second picture is our first attempt at a peace sign.  We will be visiting this idea again…..

For more inspiration:

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