Sun, Earth, and Moon Inquiry


Project Based learning at work this summer. Charlie has been interested in landforms and the earth in general. Recently, we have had a beautiful full moon. It has started a lot of questions about what the moon is doing with the earth.

I thought we could make a model, I found several models of how to show the relationship online, but we had more fun pulling out the creation station (remember from earlier post) to try and make our own version. This is what we came up with after a lot of thinking and mistakes. We wanted to get the moon to go around the earth at the same time. Strings, wire, and other stuff and we go it.

Then, I love this..
He starts asking:

“What else do we want in the space?”
“I am going to put lines for the atmosphere.”

I have a feeling we may go farther..

For more inspiration on this method, I want to remind you of the project approach. The key is to let their inquiry guide the activity more than showing them how to do it. It is so much fun to watch the learning.


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