Life in the Woods

Place Based Preschool

I am thrilled to work with children to expand their experience with two things I am passionate about:  nature and creativity.  Every session we explore together through play, investigations, art, and stories.   The place based model helps children feel a sense of place by connecting and learning about the world around them.  That can mean the natural world, their local town, the local bird population, or anything around them.  The plan with the preschool sessions is to gather once a season to explore a topic within our “place.”  I also enjoy asking the children to interpret what they learn through art (inspired by Reggio Emilia philosophy.)  I have so much fun that I want to keep the experience; hence, the blog!  The blog includes post from the place based sessions or other ways and ideas to share an appreciation for nature and creativity.  Enjoy!

Life in the Woods

We met in our familiar spot in local woods.  I think I even heard someone inquire about Mr. Oak from our fall session!

place based preschool winter 2013 001Here we are pretending to be different active animals in the forest.  A porcupine waddling, a fox walking in a straight line, or a rabbit hopping.

place based preschool winter 2013 006We started our investigation looking for snow fleas (spring tails.)  This followed the springtail story the children heard from Corie.  The story highlighted the way they move through the snow.

place based preschool winter 2013 004During our search, we ended up finding more signs of other animals.  Scat and some tracks.

“Why are there so many animal things in this spot?”  E.B.

“That animal hops!”  N.W.

place based preschool winter 2013 003

We decided this could be a tunnel made from a mouse.

place based preschool winter 2013 013After our investigation, Carol and Corie invited the children to make up their own story in the woods on a small wood mural.  Some children had immediate ideas and some wanted to draw things they have seen in woods at home.

place based preschool winter 2013 021place based preschool winter 2013 019


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