I don’t love the product of creativity. I love the process.

It is Product or Process

I am involved with a local art center and many people assume I am an artist that can produce great pieces. Actually, I am not sure I would call myself an artist, maybe a creativity…ist. I love to watch children, and others,  show their thinking and knowledge while they create.  This can happen within general art activities, but there are creative projects that allow children to imagine, create, and invent.  This process is wonderful for their problem solving skills and imagination.  Things like a Lego world, observational drawings, block castles, or other activities their minds take them. I believe this is one way children gain confidence and original ideas. They need ample time in their life when they have an idea and make it happen. They can get this through classes or by simply given  supplies and time. This is one thing I love about the Reggio Emilia approach to educating children.  The idea is to give them the room to think about their learning through the arts and at times create some wonderful experiences.  If you want more information about this process, google Lillian Katz, project approach or emergent curriculum.

I want to share one way that I stumbled upon this idea with my own child to foster his creative outlet.  We call it his Creation Station.  He is now 6 1/2 years old and I gave this to him as a Christmas present when he was four….. maybe a bit younger.  It is still his favorite activity and we have refilled the contents several times.

place based preschool winter 2013 025

The portal container is key.  We take it to grandma’s or to his room.  Very helpful.

place based preschool winter 2013 023Recently, we needed to start over.  We decided what was worth keeping and reusing and what not usable.  Then we decided on some good items to fill it.  It can be things form a craft store but also things around the house:  bottle tops, paper towel tubes, paper clips, etc.

place based preschool winter 2013 024

This is what we came up with this round.  After the recent refill, he went to work.  This time he was entertained for at least an hour.  Some of his inventions from past and now:

place based preschool winter 2013 026

A castles (he now uses for imaginative play), his attempt at making a top (inventive side), and an art collage he created for a school project.  I love the combination of imagination, art, and invention.


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