Ice Crystals


Ice Crystals

Every winter I look forward to this activity. Recently, we have been having very cold weather. This activity is one way to keep it interesting. I have done this in my classroom and at home with my children. It can be a simple art project, but is easily turned into a science experiment.

How long does it take to freeze?

How many days will it last?

What is the temperature today and will it last?

Ice crystal

Using any container that is flat, fill and decorate with natural items. When it melts, all items will be left on the ground. Natural items will ensure that there is no litter left by the activity.

Circle the inside if the container with yarn or string and drape the ends over. The ends will be used to hang the crystal.

Ice crystals

Fill with water and let sit over night. In the morning, bring inside just long enough to loosen the ice. Then hang outdoors where you and your children can observe from a window. We have ours on the deck, but I love how they look on winter trees.