Place Based Preschool – Life cycle of a tree and trees as habitats.

Place Based Preschool:  Each session we have:  discovery and play stations, group circle, investigations,  art, and closing circle.  We include songs and storytelling into the hour as well.

place based preschool 017In group circle we told a story about a girl and tree growing up.

place based preschool 002Investigate:  We used our tree parts to think about their place in the tree life cycle.  I wish I had the pictures of our rotten log and the kids dissecting them.  Lot’s of enthusiasm:

“Let’s investigate!!!!”  C.P.

“There’s another sow bug in this log!”  N.W.

“Look at all the legs!”  E.R.

“Can I hold that one too?”  N.W.

“Let me see it closer..” L.L.

“Why is it hiding in the hole?”  Corie

“I think it likes the dark.” C.P.

place based preschool 005place based preschool 015Art:  Then, we picked a part to observe and record.  we drew or painted our based preschool 024Ella noticed the spikes on her twig.  she decided to make them colorful.

place based preschool 007place based preschool 016

place based preschool 014



Nick chose a rotten log to paint.  He was intrigued by the mushrooms growing.

place based preschool 012Caleb chose a branch and picked out all the shapes to draw.


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